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How to Remove Yahoo Search From Chrome?

First of all, what is yahoo? Let’s have a little bit of information on that. Yahoo is on well-known and quite legitimate search engines. Yahoo is an American web service.

This company was the top leader on the Internet in the beginning (1995). There was a time when Yahoo did expand to search for websites, but as time passed, it became the most popular search engines.


Now, Yahoo is on the 4th most valuable site. You can get broadcast news, sports news, email links, weather updates, and a lot more helpful stuff. These days billions of people have defined yahoo as their search page homepage.

Yahoo is also the most popular website for email jobs. It can use for email services, as you can email your friends, family business workers, and anyone else you want. You can attach files, photos, and any other kind of documents.

Remove Yahoo Search From Chrome

You can get the latest news from yahoo.com because this is the first thing the user mainly uses every time they open their laptop or mobile phones to get updates on the news.

There will be so many good articles from experienced reporters to show the real side of the world and you can take advantage of it.

Yahoo sports news is also another great platform for gaming aficionados, who want to keep in touch with their favorite player or soccer or cricket.

Yahoo also provides business ideas, you can obtain information on what is in the financial market. It will give you information on everything, such as what is the latest trading platform or something.

There is also an elevated standard of it that is yahoo messenger. You can engage with as many people as you wish. You can share your other social media platforms with them and get in touch with them in real-time.

There is one other thing that yahoo provides and these are responses. You may ask them questions or describe a problem you are experiencing using this platform. They will guide you and respond appropriately.

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How to Remove Yahoo Search From Chrome?

Remove Yahoo Search From Chrome

The use of yahoo brings no harm to your websites, but many users are unintentionally redirected to search for yahoo, while they are searching on Google.


There is a browser called Hijacker and it’s commonly known as a redirection virus that can come into your web browsers without any permission.

  • After entering your browser, browser hijacker would get the hang of setting your browser, search engines, and everything.


  • You will think of the virus is nothing, but it may cause serious harm to your system.
  • Now, how to remove this virus, and as we mentioned Chrome yahoo search, you should remove culpable browser hijacker from the root.
  • Open the Chrome browser and access the configuration.

There will be many options such as privacy and settings, search engines, and automatic filler.

  • Click search engines from the chrome dropdown menu. You can manage the search engines, select it.

search engines

  • There will be a yahoo.com story.
  • Select or delete it from the list.
  • Restart your notebook/smartphone.
  • You will have a safe environment right away!

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