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4 Ways To Fix SIM Not Provisioned Mm#2

Do you know what SIM stands for? It stands for Subscriber Identity Module! This simple card contains information about the user, like their identity, phone number, location, text messages, call list, and much more.

This small card on our mobile phones can connect us to other networks.

  • It allows us to make calls, send text messages, receive them, and much more.
  • Without a SIM, you would only be able to use the communication features of a mobile phone.
  • You would have to solely rely on Wi-Fi.

SIM Not Provisioned Mm#2

In case you ever get the error of SIM not Provisioned, then you might panic. However, what you need to remember is that this error message is very common for new SIM cards.

This error message shows up when you are in the middle of setting up a connection between the carrier you are using and the smartphone. This error message might also occur when the SIM card is not properly activated, and this is from the end of the carrier.

There are four methods that you can use, to fix this problem.

Solution 1

Restart Phone

  • The first thing that any user does is that restart their phone.
  • This is an effective method, as when they restart, the error message might disappear.
  • This way, they would be able to use their phone, along with the SIM.

Solution# 2

Take out the SIM

The second most common method of solving this error message is to take out the SIM and put it back in.

  • Most people don’t put the SIM as it should be, which is why they get this error message in the first place.
  • Other times, the slot might be damaged, resulting in this error message appearing.
  • Thus, if you are placing the SIM correctly, then it could be the slot is damaged.

Solution # 3

SIM Activation

When you buy a new SIM from a carrier’s shop, then ask them beforehand how you should activate it.

  • Mostly, the carrier would ask you to call a helpline, where you have to answer some questions related to your identity.
  • If you can answer these questions.
  • Then the SIM activates right away. However, some carriers can activate the SIM on their own, and you won’t have to go through the whole process.
  • It is very important to know if the SIM is activated; if it is not, then you are most likely to get this message.

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Solution #4


If these three solutions don’t work for you, then it is best to call the carrier you are using. The customer service department would be able to guide you better. They will tell you the current status of your SIM, and if the issues are at your end or their end.

If you are buying a new cell phone and a new SIM, then ask the seller to put in the SIM card for you, because they are experienced. They can even tell you how to look after the SIM, and you can activate it right away.

If the mobile phone is old, but the SIM is new, then the user should check the SIM slot. It could be that there are scratches on the slot, creating a hurdle for the SIM to function properly. In this case, the customer would have to get the slot repaired.

Another problem that could lead to fixing SIM not provisioned mm#2 message could be the fact that the SIM has been blocked by the carrier or some other authority.

  • This could be because a person is not supposed to carry two SIMs, or they haven’t verified the SIM with their ID card number.
  • In such a case, the user would have to contact the authority, or simply write an email to inquire about their SIM status.

When you are putting the SIM in its slot, make sure that it is of the right size. It could be that your phone doesn’t accept nano-SIM, but micro SIM only. Most latest phones only accept nano SIMs now, and the size of both SIMs are different.

One should not panic when they see the error message. This is because this problem can be easily handled within seconds.

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