10+ Best Sites to Watch Korean Dramas 2024

American shows have a lot of competition, both Chinese dramas and Korean dramas. Best sites to watch Korean dramas online free by below mention list.

This is because of the unique historical storylines, as well as modern-day storylines that the two genres deal with.

Korean dramas deal with genres like action, costume shows, and modern office dramas very well, because of which they are gaining popularity among the youth. 10 years ago, nobody would have thought accessing Korean dramas would be so easy, but now, they are easily available online and users can watch them whenever they want to.

10+ Best Sites to Watch Korean Dramas 2024

This article is going to deal with the best sites to watch Korean dramas in English available, and what sets them apart from others.


Best Website to Watch Chinese Drama with English Subtitles

WeTV is a really good platform for TV shows and movies, whether Korean, Thai, or Chinese. The best part about WeTV is that, it has a mobile app as well, where the user can watch their favorite shows in offline mode as well.

This website has a very easy to use interface, where the user can just search from a list of sites to watch korean dramas, and the available dramas will appear on their screen. While some shows might accessible by VIP members only, most of the shows are available for free. If the user is not able to see Korean dramas, then they can run the website or app in VPN mode, and get access to more content.

A good point of this website is that there are no ads on it, making the streaming process very smooth and legal site from a list to watch Korean dramas. However, the downside is that it has limited content and might not have every Korean drama that has aired in the past or is currently airing.

Visit: here


sites to watch korean drama online free

Those who are into anime, they know about KissAsian. This website is very helpful in terms of searching for Korean dramas. The best part about this website is that, when a Korean drama is currently airing in Korea, the next day or same day it will subbed and uploaded on this website.

So, the user doesn’t even have to wait that long. There are multiple links available at which the user can watch their favorite drama. Moreover, this website has a very friendly user interface, and anyone with little browsing knowledge can download or stream shows on it.

However, the downside of this website is that there could be annoying pop-up ads, and some links would even ask the user to pause their ad blocking extension.

However, the upside of using this website is that, it is an old website and has a large collection of Korean dramas and movies.

Visit: here

Asian Crush

sites to watch korean drama online free

Asian Crush is another good website, especially if a person wants to watch shows and movies with English subtitles. The website has Korean dramas, Korean thrillers, and Korean movies available, along with English Subtitles. The user can search the name of the show that they want to see, or they can browse through the huge library of titles available.

There is a blog section available on the website, which discusses latest news regarding Korean dramas, Korean actors, and other important celebrity news. If you want to know more about the latest anime or kdrama, then this is the perfect website for you.

Visit: here


sites to watch korean drama online free

This is a well known Kdrama website, which has good quality videos available for users. There are many servers available on the website, which gives more choice for the user to choose from.

This website is accessible in most countries, and you don’t need a VPN to watch kdramas from it. It is a free website, and doesn’t require you to sign in. The best part of the website is that, every latest kdrama is updated on it, and easily available. Sometimes the ads could become annoying, but considering the quality and quantity that it offers, users can ignore it.

There are drama, shows and movies available on FastDrama. This website has Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese and Thai dramas available as well.

Visit: here


sites to watch korean drama online free

Viki is a well-known platform, where users can watch Korean dramas. If they pay for the subscription, then they won’t be disturbed by any ads in between as well. Viki has all the latest shows and some selected shows from previous years.

If there is a Korean drama show going on like “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”, then Viki will have the episode uploaded and subbed within 24 hours.

This platform is known for providing accurate English subtitles for shows, and in some shows the translators provide further explanation for words. If you want to gain fluency over Korean language, then this would be a good website.

The quality of the videos is really good. However, the main problem with the website is that it doesn’t let you download episodes for offline use. If you want to watch something, then you have to stream it using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Another thing that users might consider a problem is that, they have to pay to watch certain programs, and if they don’t want to see ads, then they have to buy a monthly subscription.

Visit: here


sites to watch korean drama online free

Dramacool is not just for Korean dramas, but it is the best website for Asian dramas. Whether you want to watch a current Chinese drama or a Japanese movie, there is no website that offers everything in one place.

There are several servers that the user can choose from, and can even download by adding a Chrome extension. This website has the best video quality and the upload time is short.

For example, if a drama airs on Wednesday, then it is most likely it would be uploaded and subbed on Thursday. However, the subtitles are often taken from independent sources, and their accuracy can be dubious.

One of the best things about this website is that, it has a very easy to use interface. People can easily browse the current shows and past shows on it. There are several categories that the user can use to further simplify their research. For example, they can see shows in alphabetical order, or as per their language.

Visit: here


best sites to watch korean dramas reddit

This is another good Korean drama website, where users can see their favorite dramas, and browse through different categories. All the shows available on the website have English subtitles, and the shows that are not yet subbed, their raw episodes are available. The main problem with this website is that, the genres for shows are not available, and the library of titles is limited.

The user can still sough the shows using categories like latest, popular and rated. This website also has variety shows, where kpop idols appeared and this is an appealing factor for users. The user can use the search bar on the website, and they would be able to access their favorite shows.

Visit: here


legal sites to watch korean dramas

Dramago has an easy to use interface, which displays the titles of shows available on the website, the current shows, the number of episodes that have been subbed and much more. On Dramago, the user can read mangas, watch movies, and popular series of Korea.

They would be able to watch their favorite shows with English subtitles, and they will get to see on the main page, which shows were updated recently.

This website is frequently updated, so the users can rest assured that they don’t have to miss the current shows. There is a search option on the main page, making it easier for the user to look for a title that they want to watch.

Visit: here

KTV Drama

Sites to Watch Korean Dramas

If you are only looking for the latest Korean dramas with English subtitles, then this is the best website you can visit. When you get to the homepage of the website, you will see the new shows that are on air, and the number of episodes that have English subtitles.

The subtitles are pretty accurate, and users won’t hesitate when they visit this website.

There are four categories on the main page; Korean drama, movies, shows and just updated. There is also a search option available, so that the user can save their time. The user interface of the website is clean and easy to use.

On one page, the list of episodes are available, along with the description of the show. The user can click on any link and stream the show right away. There are no annoying ads on the website, which is the best reason for using it.


Sites to Watch Korean Dramas

Even though Korean dramas have a lot of potentials, there aren’t many of them available on Netflix. However, Netflix is still a good way to watch Korean dramas with English subtitles, and that too, without any ads and interruptions.

Some of the best Korean dramas available on Netflix are:

  1. Romance is a Bonus Book
  2. Itaewon Class
  3. My country: the New Age
  4. It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

The available Korean dramas on Netflix have really good and different stories. It is true that while Korean dramas are also historical in nature with Kings and Queens, there are modern day dramas as well dealing with the problems youth face.

Thus, if you want to binge-watch a Korean drama on Netflix, then you do have some really good options available.

Visit: here

Asian Drama

Sites to Watch Korean Dramas

This website has all the latest and top Korean dramas on the first page. The tale of Nokdu was a famous Korean Drama, which is why it is on the main page. The user can explore shows concerning their air time.

They can easily watch the ones that were on the top, on the basis of weekly or monthly.  There are movies available on this website, not just Korean, but Chinese, Thai and UK based as well.

The user interface of the website is very appealing and easy to use. There are no pop-up ads on the website, and it is very easy to browse.

Visit: here

Information About Sites to Watch Korean Dramas

While these are the best websites where users can watch Korean dramas, there are also websites where they can get information about them. For example, when they go here, they can read about upcoming dramas, past dramas, drama reviews and synopsis and videos of stars being interviewed.

This is also a really good website for those, who want to know about the rating of a drama, and how well it is doing. If you want a recap of the past episodes of a Korean drama you haven’t watched in a while, then this is the perfect place to go to.

Another website to find out about Asian dramas is here. On this website, users would be able to read about the past, present, and future Korean shows. They will know about the names of the actors appearing in a show; their actor’s names and their original names.

There are synopsis for each episode available as well, and if you go at the bottom of the page, there are reviews available as well, to give you a glimpse into how it would be to watch a show you are exploring.

Reasons Why Korean Dramas Famous?

The reason why Korean dramas are so popular nowadays, even among the non-Koreans, is because they explore a completely new culture. The viewers get to see the accuracy of historical costumes, the modern workplace culture, and they get to enjoy the unique humor of these dramas.

Many people insist that Korean dramas are very addicting, because of the actors, who are handsome and pretty, and the quality of their acting. Shows like Coffee Prince and Its Okay Not to Be Okay, are some of the best Korean dramas that people can watch.

The interviews with actors give people a chance to connect with their favorite stars and see them from a different angle, which is outside their role. Actors like Lee Dong Wook and Kim Beom, have worked in different genres, and are known for their versatile acting skills.

Korean dramas are a must-watch, and people don’t have to miss out on such amazing content due to English subtitles.

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