How can I Stream 4K with 3G

Currently, streaming videos, movies and TV shows in 4k is the new standard. The sharp and vivid videos help in increasing the fun of video watching.

The vibrant and lifelike colors in 4k are really something else and everyone wishes to have that while streaming videos. But the sad thing is that watching videos in 4k requires a lot of mobile data.

It is convenient over Wi-Fi but not so much when one is using mobile data to stream videos. And they are unable to stream videos in 4k. The amount of data your internet would consume is 14GB per hour in order to stream videos on 4K. Which might sound costly to some.

Can you stream 4K videos in 3G?

Yes, you can stream videos and each Netflix over 3G but you cannot expect to watch videos on 4k. The maximum you will get would be 1Mbps and 14Mbps. The videos would be in low definition. But no you cannot really stream videos in 4K with your 3G.

Data usage per hour of 4k streaming

On various occasions, you can try downloading the video and later watch it offline. It will use the same amount of data in downloading t which you will consume while watching videos online. But if you are most likely to watch the videos more than once then downloading them is a wise decision. But instead of using the mobile data over and over again to watch online. You are only using it once to download.

Certain sites like prime videos tell you beforehand before downloading any video the size of the file. This help in calculating the amount of data the downloading process will consume.

How to watch YouTube videos and Netflix in 4k?

Since people are making videos in 4k. A lot of YouTube creators are also making their videos in 4k. But not many because they don’t have the equipment to shoot a film in such high definition.

And a lot of shows and movies are also in 4k on Netflix that you can find. Watching movies and shows in 4k has its own fun because the vivid colors and high definition just make everything so mesmerizing.

You are also required to have updated models of mobiles and operating systems in order to stream videos in 4k because the older models of mobile and tablets and the operating system do not support videos in 4k at all.

How can I stream 4k videos?

From the above discussion, it is established that one cannot stream videos, TV shows, and movies over 3G. But it is possible for people to watch 4k content over 4g. Because the higher level of bandwidth helps in streaming ultra-definition, vivid videos on your devices.

And you are also required to update your older devices to a new one in order to stream videos in 4k because older devices do not support videos in 4k.

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