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How to Tell if Someone Blocked You On Instagram? 6 Ways

Is it such to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram? While that person currently your friend. Let’s have a discussion.

We live in an age where it’s easy to stay connected thanks to the numerous social media platforms. But at the same time, cutting off ties with a person is just one “block” button away as well.

Maybe it’s an ex-partner, a cyberbully, an intrusive relative, or someone with questionable political views.

Or maybe you’re the one who has fallen victim to the block button. While it may be the case that the person you’re trying to contact has deactivated or deleted his/her account, that’s not always the case.

Tell if Someone Blocked You On Instagram

For that matter, Instagram or any other social media platform won’t send notify you when a person has blocked your account.

When a person deactivates their account, the social media platform doesn’t allow other users to view the person’s information anymore which includes all stories, highlights, pictures, and so on.

That being said, it will also be the case if the person who you think has deactivated their account has blocked you. In this guide, we will look at some of the things we can use to determine whether we have been blocked.

SIDE NOTE: You can always use third-party tools to help you in this regard (and many other things as well) but they rarely work. So instead of using those tools, it is better to use smart techniques, like the ones discussed below.

Method 1

To know if a person has blocked you, the very first thing you should do is search for the profile of the account of the person who you think may have blocked you.

  • If the account of the person is public and you’re able to view their content, you haven’t been blocked.
  • If the account is private and you see the option of sending them a request, you haven’t been blocked.
  • But if the profile doesn’t appear in the search bar at all, this means that the account has either been deactivated or deleted.

Method 2

  • Check for comments on your posts.
  • Instagram doesn’t delete any old comments that the person may have made on your past pictures or videos.
  • So go to the comments, click on their profile and if their profile shows their post count without any photos on display, this means you have been blocked.

Method 3

  • Check your messages with the person.
  • Instagram removes all message threads for both parties if one person has blocked the other.
  • So if you see your previous messages, you’re in the clear.
  • If not then there’s a possibility you have been blocked.
  • To make sure, check messages in the group that you both have common.
  • If you can still see them as a participant in the group, but not anywhere else, you have been blocked.

Method 4

  • If you know the username of the person, search for him/her on a browser.
  • The link to everyone’s Instagram account is Instagram.com/username.
  • All you have to do is replace the “username” with the person’s actual username.
  • If you can see the profile, you can be sure that you’re blocked.

Method 5

The most straightforward way is to search for the person from a different device or an account.

  • For instance, you can ask a close friend to do a quick search for the person and if everything looks normal, unfortunately, you have been blocked.

Method 6

You can tell by the overall appearance of the profile whether you have been blocked. An overall summary of the signs that can help you include:

  • You cannot find the user in the search bar
  • You cannot see their followings
  • You cannot see their posts
  • You cannot see their stories
  • They cannot see your comments and posts
  • If you search for them through a different account, their profile’s appearance will be different.


If you find yourself blocked by a certain person, it is crucial to take some time to think about what may have put them off about you since there is always a reason why someone chooses to block a person. For instance, you might have said something hurtful to them, or maybe they found your company to be inappropriate in some regard.

Some basic social media etiquettes need to be followed to make sure the environment is safe and tension-free. We would not want to be a person that we wouldn’t allow our children to be with. The steps include:

  • Not saying anything online that you wouldn’t say offline
  • Not publicly engaging in trolls
  • Not sending requests to people who we don’t know
  • Creating a separate account for your business contacts

The list can go on and on. The key is to make everyone feel safe and open around yourself so people don’t find you weird, or hurtful, or rude.

Every individual has to play his role in creating a safe, sound, and peaceful environment where people are comfortable communicating.


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