How to Get Instagram User ID from Username

When we sign up for Instagram, the username is something that we set ourselves now do you want to find an Instagram user id from username?.

The Instagram User ID is a unique identifier for users. If someone has a person’s username, and want their user ID, then that is possible through online tools.

User ID provides an individual with related information of the user, as their followers and followers count.

To find out an Instagram profile link, the user needs to click on the profile image next to the heart, which they will see in the right upper corner.

Get Instagram User ID from Username

The user can copy their Instagram profile link from the browser bar; however, if they want someone else’s username, then they can easily get it from the User ID.

How to Get Instagram User ID from Username?

Get Instagram User ID from Username

  • To find out the User ID from the username, go to this link.
  • On the main page of the website, the user will see a search space, where they can input the Instagram username of the person they want to search, and the website will get the person’s user ID and follower count from that information.
  • If this website doesn’t work for some people, then they can always visit here.
  • This website serves the same purpose as the one mentioned before. The User ID of a person is usually a string of numbers, and each username has a different string of numbers.

Username on Instagram

Get Instagram User ID from Username

Most people don’t pay attention to usernames when they are making an Instagram account.

  • A username is very important, especially if you are a brand.
  • Your username should be recognizable by people who follow your brand and buy products and services from you.
  • The username should be professional and must include the brand name in it.
  • The username is displayed at the top of the page, and it is the first thing that another user will see when they type in a keyword searching for the brand.

An Instagram username is limited to 30 characters, and usually contains letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. The user can’t include any symbols or punctuation marks in their username.

Note that the user name you desire to sign up with, will not always be available. However, you can always pick something close to it, like putting a number with your brand name.

You can always change the username you have chosen, by going to the Settings of your Instagram account.

Instagram Popularity

Get Instagram User ID from Username

  • Instagram’s popularity is rising day by day, because of its many features.
  • The features keep on adding now and then, and it can be hard for users to know what is new and what is trending.
  • Thus, the following are some of the best features of Instagram, which everyone will find very useful.

Video Features

Get Instagram User ID from Username

Instagram is a wonderful place for marketers, who not only want to market their product but directly interact with their target market as well. It is the easiest way for users to communicate with their favorite brands, and get their questions answered.

Instagram videos are very effective if they are kept short. Even though IGTV videos are gaining popularity, people still prefer the 30-second videos, where they don’t have to tap to view the full video.

The reason why short videos are so effective is that a user can keep on scrolling to view multiple videos, instead of opening one video after the other.

However, this is a huge challenge for marketers, because they have to engage their customers in these 30 seconds, and sometimes it can be difficult to do so. They have to send a brand message in 30 or 40 seconds, which is not possible for every creative team.

Live Video

Get Instagram User ID from Username

People love to do stories on Instagram, as their followers like to watch what is happening in the current moment. A live video is very effective because it makes a person feel as if they are actually present in-person.

In a live video, customers or viewers can even send messages and ask questions from the user who is recording the live video.

Live video is a very effective feature because when a marketer starts a live video, their followers will get a notification. This way, followers hardly miss what is happening in the life of the person they are following.

Unless and until the user chooses on their own, the live video vanishes from the feed within hours and doesn’t save to the original account.

It is very easy to find Instagram user ID from the username, with the help of online tools. Those who haven’t joined Instagram yet, should because it is a fun online tool.

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