How to unlink Nexon account from Steam

If you play Nexon games from Steam, you must be knowing that you must link your accounts. Ever since each Nexon account must have a special email, and numerous accounts cannot share the same email address, you can just link one Nexon account to a Steam account at the same time.

Now to change which of the Nexon account is linked to Steam, you have to use the delink option in Account Settings, and after that, link the Nexon account that you want to your Steam account.

Unlink Nexon account from Steam

To remove a linked Nexon account from Steam, just follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, log in to your Nexon account by using your email address.
  • Then from your account menu, click on the Account Settings.
  • In Account Settings, you will see, Account Overview, Personal Info, Password & Security, and also Linked Account. Just select on “Linked Account”.
  • Just under the option “Social Login” you’ll see Google, Facebook, Apple, and Steam. Look out for Steam there, and then click on “Delink” of Steam.
  • After that, you will see a dialogue box that says “Delink Third-Party Account”, do check that you are unlinking from the correct Steam account, and then click on OK.
  • Finally, click Close.

Your Nexon account is now successfully unlinked from your Steam account. You can now link this Nexon account to another Steam account (or the similar Steam account) at any time and as much as you want to.

Missing the Delink option?

If the delink option is missing and you are having more than one Nexon account, then you may have linked your Steam account to another Nexon account.

Do check your other accounts for the reference of the Steam link and delink option. If you are unable to find a correct account, or if you have only a single Nexon account.

  • Then open a ticket for further help. And see for Nexon’s Customer Support.
  • (If you are requesting ticket support, this topic is under “Account Related > Account Change Requests > Steam Unlink.
  • Keep in mind to provide enough information about your account to verify your ownership of the account, which includes your Steam ID also.)

Verifying account ownership

Verifying is important to secure your account and protecting your personal data is the priority of Nexon.

Before there are any changes made to an account, you must be given a piece of specific, verifiable information that will confirm that you are the rightful owner of that account.

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