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How to view full size Instagram?

A very interesting fact about Instagram that no one knows is that, the pictures that you upload there are not in their original size.

As soon as you take a picture and upload it on your Instagram account, the pixels of that picture are reduced! However, if you really want to view full-size pictures on Instagram (could be the ones you uploaded or anyone else’s), it is very easy.

How to view full-size Instagram?

You can either use the app, or the browsing version of Instagram available on PC, Mac, and iOS.

  • Steps to View Full Size Instagram
  • Open browser on your PC, and then the Instagram website
  • Use your credentials to log in to your account
  • Go to the picture that you want to see in full; it could be in your profile or someone else’s.
  • The main thing to remember here is that you can’t click on a picture from the newsfeed, which is why you have to go to the person’s profile or your own profile
  • When you click on the picture, look up to the address bar of your browser
  • At the end of the address, you will see media/?size=1
  • You can modify the size right in the address bar, and get access to the full image right away

This is a very simple method of viewing full-size Instagram.

View Profile Picture

The most annoying thing about Instagram is that the profile pictures of users appear to be very small. However, if you really want to view someone’s profile picture fully, then choose one of the methods described below.

Using a PC/Mac or a Smartphone Browser

Using your device, open the Instagram website, like the Chrome browser.

  • Navigate to the profile picture that you want to see, and copy their username. Then, visit the website Thumbtube, and paste the username that you copied earlier.
  • When you click on the submit button, the tool will then fetch the profile picture in high resolution in just a few seconds. You can either view the profile picture or just save it on your device.
  • In case you have Android, then you can download an app from Google PlayStore, called Instant DP.
  • When you open the app, paste the username of the profile you copied earlier, and then tap on the search icon.
  • It will only take a few seconds for the app to show the results of profiles, which are close to that name.
  • Choose the profile that you want, tap on their profile picture, and then choose the download icon.
  • The download icon is on the bottom right of the screen. The profile picture will be saved in your gallery right away, with its own name.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then you can download the Qeek app from Apple Store. This app works the same way other apps do and serves the same purpose as well.

When you insert the user name, the screen will show you the profile picture of the user, and you can tap on it. The profile picture will open in full, and you can either save it or take a screenshot.

If you want to know some cool tips and tricks for Instagram, keep on reading this article.


Sometimes, you message people on Instagram, but they don’t reply to you and don’t even see your messages. If you wish to take that message back, then you can unsend that message.

Even if the sender has seen that message, and you unsend it, the message will delete from your conversation stream, and the recipient’s conversation box as well. Isn’t this cool? You know longer have to be embarrassed about sending a message to someone, who you didn’t want to send.

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Reposting a Photo

If you like someone’s picture that they posted on Instagram, and you want to repost it on your account, then it is possible. You need to get a third-party app called Repost for Instagram. Copy the link of the picture that you want to repost, and simply input it in the app you have downloaded.

However, there is another method to repost a picture, and that is by taking a screenshot of it. Remember, always give credit to the original poster, otherwise that could bring a bad name to your Instagram account.

Followers on Instagram

Usually, when someone follows you on Instagram, you follow them back. However, most people use it as a way to get more followers and immediately unfollow the person.

  • To make sure that you know who is unfollowing you on Instagram, you can download a third-party app called FollowMeter for Instagram.
  • Enter the login details in this app, and its dashboard will tell you the people who have recently unfollowed you.

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Creativity in Stories

Most people think that making a video and adding it to stories is enough. However, they can become more creative while posting stories on Instagram.

There are several post-editing options that are available to users on Instagram. They can add text and colors to their post, to make it more eye-catching.

For example, if you have made a video, but want to add a caption to it, then the editing tools available in Instagram make it possible. Read more: How to change playlist picture on Spotify?

Hashtags and Location

You can add hashtags and locations to your Instagram stories.

  • For example, if you are having a vacation in Paris, then you can add the exact location and even relevant hashtags to your story.
  • However, only do this if you want to make your story public.

Privacy Settings

The privacy and security settings of Instagram are really useful. They give the user more control over what they want to share and want to hide.

For example, you can easily hide stories from specific people, if you simply enter their names before posting a story. This gives the user more rights over whom they want to see their content, and who they want to hide it.


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