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10 Best Smallest Smart TV 2024

Gone are the days when people only used Smart TV, for watching shows and movies on satellite and cable. TVs serve a much bigger purpose now, as they have changed into Smart TVs.

Smart TV is different from traditional TV in several ways. If you don’t know what makes them different, then you can be the victim of a scam, as many brands claim that they have developed a Smart TV.

There are some features that you must look for in a Smart TV when deciding to buy one.

Things to Know before selecting the Best Smallest Smart TV

User Interface

Smart TV should have a good UI, which works at a good speed. If you have ever played a Blu-ray Disc player on your TV, then you know how annoying it can be to wait for it to load.

While some Smart TVs can take a lot of time to switch from one app to another, others don’t. Don’t buy a sluggish Smart TV, which takes a whole minute to switch from your cable TV to Netflix.

Streaming Video Services

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime and Netflix, or other streaming services, then you need a Smart TV that can handle them.

Not every Smart TV has the feature for the user to run these video services, even though it is a necessary element to call a TV, a Smart TV. Smart TV should support the installation of such apps so that the user can benefit more from their TV.

High definition

If you want to see your television shows and action movies in high definition, then what could be a better choice than a Smart TV?

A Smart TV can make a difference in the video viewing quality for a person, because most streaming services, like YouTube, go up to 1080p in video quality. However, if a Smart TV doesn’t offer a high-definition of streaming video services, then it is not worth buying.

Sound Quality

The speakers of Smart TV are different from traditional one. When you listen to music on a Smart TV, it becomes a more enjoyable experience.

Get a Smart TV, on which you can listen to Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and other music streaming platforms.


This is the last feature that you should look for on your Smart TV. Smart TV should be compatible with your PS4 or Xbox because most gamers can have a really good time when they play games on a Smart TV.

Having a Smart TV doesn’t mean that the screen of the TV has to be large; it can be small as well.

10 Best Smallest Smart TV 2024

LG Electronics 24LM530S

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This is a 24 inch HD Smart TV, which you can easily mount on your wall. The TV has an HD view, which delivers crisp and accurate images to the audience. The vivid colors, resolution, and contrast are some of the elements which make the TV, a worth buying product. Image source: here

It has a webOS platform, which is compatible with video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Sling.

The HDMI port of the Smart TV offers the user amazing video and audio quality, along with single-cable convenience. The HDMI input allows you to connect with other devices, like PS4 or Blu-ray player. Read more: Best Game Hacker Android Apps

The components that users will get with this TV are power cable, remote control, and a TV stand. LG offers the user, USB connectivity technology; if you have data in your USB, then you can view it on your Smart TV.

  • It is a small screen, which can fit in any more

  • It can be wall-mounted very easily

  • The system links to the Wifi quickly and catches signals even when it is at a distance

  • The buyer doesn’t have to attach a speaker with this.

  • Some users are not satisfied with the sound system of this.

  • Some users were unable to connect the it with their Sling app.

TCL 32S327 Roku Smart LED TV

Netflix TV

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This is a Smart TV, which the buyer can mount on their wall. The resolution that this TV offers in 32 inches is 1080p, and LED display technology.

This Smart TV delivers functionality, which shows your favorite content like movies, TV episodes, through Roku TV. The display technology makes sure that the picture quality of a video is good, and that is mainly because of the 120Hz refresh rate.

If you are watching a fast action movie, then the motion will not blur at all. In this small Smart TV, you can input about 3HDMI cables, it has 1 USB port, RF, composite, a place for you to plug in your headphones, and audio output.

The best part of this is that it is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you don’t have to worry about using the TV remote control.

The video formats that the TV supports are MP4, MOV, and TS. As for music, this Smart TV supports WAV, MP3, and FLAC.

  • The Roku account that you set up on this, doesn’t cost anything

  • It has good sound and picture quality, considering its size

  • The bloatware can be removed

  • The signal meter is very easy to find and understand.

  • The legs can be wobbly

  • It doesn’t come with a wall mount

  • The Roku remote has limited features.

Samsung QLED 4K (Q50)

best Smart TV

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The screen size of this Smart TV is 32 inches, and it has a 4K UHD processor, which is powerful. This process optimizes the performance of your TV, mainly because it has 4K picture quality.

With its high definition screen, you will be able to see shades of color, which add more detail to a video.

When you first see a video on this TV, it will show a crisp and clear picture that you might not have seen otherwise. The sound output of this TV is 20W RMS. The support internet services on this TV are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, and you can even use a browser on it. Read more: Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

This TV gives the audience real game enhancer, ambient mode, Bixby, and 100% color volume.

  • The screen shows deep blacks, which enhances the picture quality

  • The input lag is very low, and it is an impressive feature

  • There is a really good small Smart TV for video games.

  • Some users have complained that at a certain angle, the image degrades

  • The motion artifacts are very prominent.

LG Electronics 24LH4830

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This is a 24 inch TV and can be mounted on a wall. The resolution that this TV offers is 780p, and it has three connectivity options for the buyers: Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB.

Other important connectivity features include Miracast and WiDi Connectivity. The audio and video quality are top-notch, and that too, over a single cable. The LED screen of the Smart TV offers the kind of brightness and clarity, which other TVs don’t.

The buyer will find color details on their LED screen, which will help them enjoy more details on their television show and movies.

It has a wide viewing angle and makes pictures very breathtaking, regardless of the way they look at them.

  • The picture quality of this TV is really good, even though the resolution is 720p

  • The setup of this TV is really easy and intuitive

  • This product supports many video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  • This Smart TV doesn’t support web browsing

  • Some users were not satisfied with the sound of the TV

  • If there is a lot of background noise, then the TV’s sound will suffer.

VIZIO D-Series

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This is a 24 inch Smart TV, which is renewed and tested by Amazon. The resolution that this one offers is 1080p, and the supported Internet services that the buyer can play are Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu. The display technology of this is LED, which means the quality of the video is really good.

There is a Chromecast built-in feature, which offers the buyer an opportunity to access many streaming apps. They can display anything using their phone to Smart TV, like browsing on Google Chrome.

The high definition Smart TV offers the user a crisp and clear picture, which makes their viewing experience better. If you want to control your Smart TV better, then you can download the VIZIO SmartCast app on a smartphone.

It will play the same role as a remote control does, and you can control the Smart TV, from any room in your house. It is compatible with Apple airplay, and HomeKit, and you can easily control the TV using Apple home and Siri.

  • The price of the product is affordable

  • There are many built-in apps on this TV

  • If someone has Mac, then they will be happy to know that this TV works with Airplay

  • The picture quality of the TV is really good

  • It has a slim profile.

  • The sound needs tweaking because, for many users, it is very little

  • Some users complained about the power light acting up

  • A few users faced problems when they tried to connect it with other devices.

Hisense 32 inch Class H4 Series

Smart TV

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The price of this product is $129.99, which is pretty affordable considering it is a good quality Smart TV. The picture quality of the TV is 720p, which works on the Roku TV platform.

The buyer will get a built in Wi-Fi, along with other innovative technologies. If you want to stream movies, cable, satellite channels, and gaming, this is a really good TV for you.

When you buy this product, you get to enjoy the action scenes, which mostly blur up on other television sets. This is mainly because the motion rate is 120, eliminating motion blur.

The home screen is very simplified, providing the user with easy access to their favorite channels and streaming services. They can get access to movies and TV episodes, and control what they want to see with their iOS and Android device.

The TV comes with a Roku TV remote app, and you can even use your voice to change channels as Alexa is compatible with this Smart TV.

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The 720p gives a very detailed and sharp picture to the buyer, and they will be very satisfied with the picture quality.

  • The flat screen is lightweight

  • The sound and picture quality is good

  • Setting up video streaming services is fairly easy

  • The setup is fairly easy.

  • It doesn’t function without a Roku subscription

  • Some users had difficulty connecting the TV with Alexa.

Sony KDL32W600D 32″

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The price of this product is $298.00, and its resolution is 720p. The display technology of the Smart TV is LED, and it supports streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube.

The picture that the buyer gets to see is very refined, and they enjoy augmented clarity. The sharpness and picture quality of this Smart TV are some of its best points.

The user gets to enjoy 720p, and benefit from the built-in Wi-Fi as well. It will easily connect with your home network so that you can browse movies, and enjoy video streaming channels like Netflix. The refresh rate technology of Smart TV makes it an enjoyable experience to watch action movies and sports.

There are several connectivity options that the user has access to, like 2 HDMI ports, RF input, stereo mini-jack headphone output, Ethernet port, and much more. The best part is that the user can neatly arrange the cables at the back of the Smart TV.

  • This is a really good TV for sports and video games

  • The picture quality of the TV is really good

  • Even if people are facing the side of TV, they will still see a good picture.

  • The movie experience wasn’t good for some users

  • There are screen reflections, which can be harsh for some people.

Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A

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The resolution of this Smart TV is 720p, and it has a built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI port. The display technology of Samsung Smart TV is LED, and people can enjoy a good viewing experience with much clarity and detail.

This Smart TV allows the user to access their favorite game choices; they can access social media, games, or simply browse the internet.

It gives more control to the users, as they can switch between apps and stream content from video streaming services.

The refresh rate of the Smart TV is really good, which is 60, and the processing speed makes watching action movies very enjoyable. It has backlight technology as well.

This is a 32 inch TV, which was renewed by Amazon because it is high quality and tested product. The ratings for this product are really good on Amazon.

  • The picture quality of this Smart TV is really good

  • The setup of this TV is really good

  • It has Wi-Fi and other devices connect well with it.

  • Some users had problems with the speakers of the TV

  • At times the screen freezes.

Insignia NS-24DF310NA19

Smallest Smart TV

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Insignia is a 24 inch Smart TV, which is of 720p resolution. The connectivity options available to the user are USB, Ethernet, and HDMI cable.

The video streaming services that Smart TV supports are Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu Plus. If you have Amazon Instant Video, then it will work on this TV as well.

The picture quality of Insignia is really good; it shows the deep blacks and colors as well. You don’t need a remote control to operate this, you can simply connect Alexa with it. Moreover, with the help of this Smart TV, you can launch apps, play your favorite music and games, and control the other smart devices in your home.

It comes with 3 HDMI ports, which includes 1 ARC; you can even insert your USB into it.

  • There is no lag time in loading programs

  • It is very easy to connect with video streaming services

  • The sound quality and video quality of the Smart TV is really good.

  • The software of Smart TV needs some tweaking

  • Some users find the navigation a little cluttered.

Toshiba 32LF221U19

Smallest Smart TV

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It has a resolution of 720p, and the display technology is LED. As this Smart TV is compatible with Alexa, it becomes easier to control it. You can view Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO streaming services on in.

If you have PlayStation, then you can connect it with the Smart TV as well. If you want to access your apps, then you can easily do so on this product.

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The moment you plug in your TV and change the Wi-Fi settings, it will connect with it right away. You can enjoy endless entertainment and will have access to the latest content. You can get everything in one place, and won’t have to switch from device to device.

  • The picture quality of this Smart TV is really good

  • Alexa connect with the product, without any fail

  • The voice control feature makes it easier to switch from channel to channel

  • The sound quality of this product is really good.

  • Some users are not happy with Wi-Fi connectivity; they say that it drops frequently

  • Adjusting the power settings is a little difficult.


Smart TVs are becoming more and more common in every household. This is because, most people have subscriptions to video streaming websites like YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

These video streaming websites provide people with good entertainment, and they can spend quality time with their friends and family.

Smart TV becomes easy to operate when it connects with Alexa. Alexa helps the user change channels, or find channels, or switch between apps within seconds.

If you are operating a Smart TV with remote control, then you won’t be able to switch between apps quickly. Also, typing a movie’s name or show’s name in the search bar is time-consuming when someone does it using a remote control.

In this list is LG Electronics 24LM530S because it produces good results for the audience. Both the audio and video quality of the Smart TV is of quality.

Moreover, users can stream apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video right away. With the help of USB technology, the user can view their documents, pictures, and videos on this Smart screen.

The best part about It is that it can connect with other smart devices as well. It is fun for those, who like to watch entertainment channels in the comfort of their own house, with their family.

If you want to watch movies, but don’t want to go to the cinema, then Smart TV is the best thing that you can buy for yourself.


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