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10 Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone 2024

Not everyone who starts a new business can afford an artist to make a logo for their brand. The best part of technology and apps is that you can take certain matters into your own hands, and save on expenses.

There are logo design apps that are very quick, convenient, and easy to use. There are also those which are very expensive but offer a lot of customization options for the user.

The expensive ones don’t need to produce the best results. There are many free logo apps that you can find on the iPhone.

Things to look before selecting the best logo maker apps for iPhone

Before deciding on which app to use, the user should consider the following factors:

User Interface

The user interface of an app should be easy to navigate, even if the screen space is limited.

An app should be intuitive, and the user should feel comfortable working with it. Easy navigation of an app is very important, especially when you are making a logo for your business.

Mobile First

The app that you choose should work on your iPhone, because if it doesn’t load quickly, then it will take longer for you to make a logo.

Most mobile apps have slow-loading pages, and once you are done making a logo, it takes too long to load the main page; don’t choose such apps.

Extensive Features

Your app needs to have multiple features so that you can add more creativity to your logo.

For example, icons, fonts, images, strokes, borders, and much more!

10 Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone 2024

LogoScopic Studio-Logo Maker

Logo Maker Apps

This is a free app that you can download from Apple Store. This is one of the best logo making apps that you can use on your iPhone.

There are about 850 editable logo templates, and you can turn any one of them into yours. The advanced artwork and editing are very easy on this app because the tools are efficient and effective.

There are more than 100 fonts, from which you can pick and there are typographic features available as well. You can create logos with different typefaces and can share them with print users as well.

There are many icons available on this app, like Pro, Fashion, Art, and others, from which you can choose. You can add the name of your company, and the font size of your choice, and make a simple logo with it.

  • There are many colors from which you can choose

  • You can email the logo from the app after you are done making it.

  • Some of the logos on this app are not modern and are old-fashioned.



Logo Maker Apps for iPad

This is a free app and has a good rating in the Apple Store. This app can help you create logos, but not just for your business, but for t-shirts and tattoos as well.

You can customize your logo, however, you want it, as there are many templates in this app. This app is specifically designed for non-designers, who want to make something on their own.

When you open the app and choose a blank canvas, your creativity starts from there.

  • You can customize templates

  • Choose your style, text, colors

  • You can download your final product in PNG.

  • You have to pay to download the logo.


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LogoMaker Shop

Logo Maker Apps for Android

This is an iPhone app developed my Limepresso. You get a blank canvas at the start and can browse 1000+ logo templates.

When you have picked your favorite logo, you can then customize it using 200+ fonts, and symbols. The quality of the templates is really good, and there are many free templates for user.

  • The templates are well designed and have a modern look

  • It is easy to use

  • The result of the app is really good.

  • While there are free templates, the user has to pay for most of them.


Logo Maker-Logo Creator

Logo Maker Apps for Android

This app is developed by Chue Dave, and the editing process is fairly simple in this app. There are icons, ornaments, and even ribbons that users can add to their logos.

The logos that these apps show the user, look professional rather than casual.

  • It is easy to use the app

  • There are many features that the user can unlock if he plays for the app

  • The result of the app is good.

  • The app doesn’t have many free templates and the free part of the app doesn’t serve much purpose to the user.


Watercolor Logo Maker

Logo Maker Apps for Android

This is a very unique and interesting app. With the help of this app, you get to choose watercolor style shapes, which will create a background for your logo.

You will be able to edit, adjust colors and text, and make all the necessary changes that you want. These watercolor-style logos add more character to a logo, and this app is fun to use as well.

  • This is very easy to use the app

  • It is unique because it offers the feature of watercolors to the user.

  • Using this can be pricey for logo makers because they have to pay to unlock some elements

  • The result might not be as per the expectations of users.


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ICONA-Logo Designer

Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

There are three options the user sees when he downloads this app; shapes, text, and the third one is drawing. You can adjust the icons by their colors, strokes, and much more.

You can add the name of your company, and draw your shapes after that. This is an app that, encourages you to become creative on the screen and have fun at the same time.

  • The quality of this app is really good

  • There are many icons and fonts available to users

  • This is a really good app for logo brainstorming.

  • The user interface is not straightforward

  • You have to pay for the app; $5.


DesignMantic-Logo Maker

Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

This app is developed by Right Solution, and there is a desktop version also available. The first thing you need to do is enter the name of your company, and a slogan.

The app will generate multiple logos for you, and you get to choose from the multiple combinations that you see on screen. If you find a template that you like, then you can customize it any way you want to.

  • The designer doesn’t have to design a template on their own; it is made for them

  • There are many logo designs that the user can choose from

  • Most of the logos have a professional feel to them.

  • The editing experience is not that good for current users

  • This app is expensive.


Logos by Tweak

Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

This is a free app for users, and it has a good rating on Apple Store as well. This is a professional logo designer iOS app, and it is very easy to use.

When you download this app, you can access many logo designs, and choose the color that you think would suit your brand the most. You can even create logos for t-shirts, and download a free web version of the logo.

  • This is easy to use the app

  • There are many styles and colors the user can choose from

  • This app is free.

  • The features that the app offers, are very limited.


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Logo Creator Label Marker

Logo Maker Apps for Android

This app is a very straightforward one, and it gets the job done very easily. You get to have control over the font for your logo, shapes, colors, and background.

When you have specified your industry, then the app gives you further recommendations based on it and this can help decide on a logo.

  • The grid guidelines are simple

  • There is RGB color control

  • There are a wide variety of font styles available.

  • Fewer icons available

  • There are in-app ads.



Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

This is a really good platform, which creates logos using an expert’s eye. There are innovative tools available to users, using which they can create professional-looking logos.

They can edit logos anyway they want to, and have much control over elements. They can customize logos, and add complex features to them like opacity control.

  • A huge database of icons is available on this app, which is both abstract and realistic

  • There are grid guidelines, which create well-balanced logos

  • Beginners would find this app, very easy to use.

  • In-app ads.



The app that users should consider downloading from Apple Store is LogoScopic Studio. It is a really good app, with many templates from which the user can choose.

Adding templates and editing in one app can make things easier for those who want to design their logo.

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