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How to Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail?

Is there any way to check other email accounts through Yahoo Mail? Yahoo Mail is probably one of the oldest methods of sending emails on the internet.

Those who started using the internet the years after 2000, would remember the excitement of getting an email, be it an electronic animation card, or anything else.

However, now, Yahoo Mail is not the only service through which people can send and receive messages, but it still has many loyal customers.

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If someone has multiple email addresses and email provider, then they would want to view all of the messages on the same platform.

Now, Yahoo Mail gives users the chance to do exactly that, and save their time.

Before going further and discussing the merger of email services with Yahoo Mail, discussing its features would be the right move.

Feature of Yahoo Mail

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

When Yahoo Mail first came into the picture, the only thing that people cared about was sending and receiving messages.

However, with time, Yahoo Mail added other features to their mailing service, to give the user a better experience.

Email Theme

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

Now, the user can add a theme to their Yahoo Mail account, to better personalize it.

They can add colors or images to their inbox, and make adjustments regarding what they want to see on the cover. For example, if someone likes landscapes or dark colors, then they can easily make a theme for their Yahoo Mailbox.

Message Layout

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

Some Yahoo users don’t want to see a preview of their message, but just the sender’s name. However, others would prefer to see a preview as well, and the email address of the sender on the inbox.

They can make these adjustments as per their preferences, with the message layout feature of Yahoo Mail.

Inbox Spacing & Stationery

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

This feature allows the user to adjust the space that they want to see between each email in their inbox, and the folders that they have made. With the help of stationery, the user would be better able to customize their email and give them fun backgrounds, if needed.

They can also make their emails look more professional, and make changes in its look.

Email Services

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

There are so many email services that users use daily. Some people use Gmail because their professor wants to turn in their assignments through it.

The reason why people have more than one email address is that the ones that they make during their adulthood or teenage sound very unprofessional, and can only be used for communicating with friends or family.

Moreover, some people have more than one work email, to organize things. For example, they might have one for receiving orders, and another, for sending purchase receipts. The email services that Yahoo Mail supports are Outlook, Gmail, and AOL.

Method to Sync other Email Accounts with Yahoo Mail

  • Go to your Yahoo Mail inbox
  • On the right-hand corner, you will see a gear sign which will take you to “More Settings”; click on it

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

  • Select “Mailboxes”
  • Select the option of “Add Mailbox
  • Now, you will see a list of providers that you can add; Google, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, and others.
  • Click on any of the choices, considering the email service you are using
  • The window will go to a log in page, which you have to fill in

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

  • You will get a verification email; follow the link inside the email
  • Enter the login credentials, and then click on Verify

The email service has been added to the existing Yahoo Email ID.

  • Now, if you won’t see the email that you receive on other accounts, select its name from the left navigation column, which you can see under the Compose option.
  • There, you can see the number of emails you have received on the added account, in parentheses.
  • When you select the account from the left column, you cannot only check email but send emails through that account as well.

All you have to do is click on compose and just start writing that message.

Yahoo Mail Basic

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

If you are using Yahoo Mail Basic, then you can send emails using the other email service account. As you can’t receive the emails, you need to set it as a send-only address.

For this, go to Account Info, which you will see on the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Click on Options and then Go. After that, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Mail Accounts
  • Select the option of Send-only Address, and then you have to give the requested information
  • The requested information consists of Account description, email address, name, and reply-to-address

Check Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo Mail

  • Save the settings
  • Login to the email address that you have recently added to Yahoo Mail, and click on the link sent in the verification email
  • Enter the login credentials, and then compose a Yahoo Mail message


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