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How to Access GoDaddy Email? ( Login 365 )

Most people haven’t heard about GoDaddy, except businesses. GoDaddy is for website hosting and registering domains.

This means that businesses can buy domain names from this website, and they can also sell or flip domains. GoDaddy provides multiple services to people, like email hosting. They can even build websites for businesses.

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Many businesses have chosen GoDaddy as their website host because, in their website plan, the business doesn’t have to pay anything. In case a business chooses to upgrade their package, then they will be able to use the premium features of GoDaddy.

The work that they have done on their free site, won’t be lost and they will be able to access it in the premium plan. Users can upgrade their plan in the ‘My Products’ section if they feel that the free package they are using lacks some features.

access GoDaddy email

GoDaddy is known for its website builder feature as well, and it is a globally recognized name.

The website has received SuperBowl Ads as well, and when you look for web hosting on Google, then it will appear on the top search engine results.

How to Access GoDaddy Email?

login error

  • If you want to sign in, and already have an email address.
  • Then you simply need to go to this address here.
  • Just type in your email and password and sign in.

However, if you don’t have an account yet, then you need to sign up.

  • Go to the same link, and underneath the forgot password, click on Get Started.
  • The website will take you to another screen, where you have two professional email plans in front of you.


The individual email plan is for beginners, and the user will get an email that matches their business domain.

Individual connecting

  • When they sign up for this plan, then they will also get 10GB of email storage, mobile-friendly webmail, calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  • GoDaddy is compatible with Gmail, and this plan helps the user work with the email app of their choice.


This plan is slightly expensive compared to the individual plan but offers the user more features. The email will match the domain of the business, just like in the individual plan. However, the user will get about 25GB of email storage, and they would be able to share the calendar with their team.

  • They can even assign tasks to team members through this email.
  • Once you have chosen a plan, just click on ‘Add to Cart’.

access GoDaddy email

On the next screen, you will be able to decide the number of people who can have access to the email.

  • You can also decide the duration for which you want to use it.
  • When you have fulfilled all the requirements, the next few prompts will take you for entering your personal information.
  • The prompts will also ask for your billing information.
  • When the website has received the payment, then your account will be ready to use.

GoDaddy is a very cost-effective method, and it is also simple and secure. Whenever a person sends an email through GoDaddy, each time they are promoting their business. They can manage folders on their email, and use them on the go on their smartphones.

This webmail works as hard as the user does. There are customizable widgets available for the user. They can use these widgets for knowing about the weather, sports, and much more.

If you are in a meeting, and you get an email with an attachment, then you can have a preview of the attachment. You don’t even have to open the whole email. This feature can be really helpful if you are expecting an important email, but can’t open it right away.

GoDaddy makes it very easy for users to stay up to date about their scheduled appointments. Once they enter what they have to do on a certain date in the calendar, then the calendar will send them reminders.

Many people and businesses use GoDaddy because the customer service of the website is really good. It even offers customers good security, as they won’t be spammed with emails. If the user gets something that is irrelevant to them or is spam, then GoDaddy will directly block such emails.


GoDaddy is very helpful for businesses, who always want to stay on the mind of the customer, through emails and now you have got how to access GoDaddy email login 365.

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