Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon (Which one wins?)

Which online entertainment service offers card cutters the perfect combination of original content, user interface, and low cost? That’s why Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon.

Not the teenagers I am sure but all the mature guys here who are at least more than 35 years old reading this article of mine would remember the moment when back in the days’ people had to leave their houses to rent a movie. You remember that, right? I do.

There was a time when we were able to stream films and TV shows online, this is why video rental outlets were very common and there were a lot of them, and if you talk about the fees, people used to provide the fees very late.

There are a lot of good sides of these digital streaming media services, one of them is that it has eliminated the risk of such late fees, and surely when it comes to popularity, these digital streaming media services have exploded in popularity among the people nowadays.

Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon
Who won!

Though many available services are inexpensive, simple, and very easy to use, and they are extremely convenient as well.

Netflix vs. Hulu vs. amazon prime is the three biggest players in this online entertainment digital streaming media services.

These three digital streaming media services are like the three major broadcast networks that have dominated the early days of broadcast televisions and have taken this entertainment to an extreme level.

These services are not like ABC, CBS, and NBC, all the cord-cutters have to pay subscription fees for these digital streaming media services to watch what Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or Hulu services have to offer them.

Thanks to these major and great services such as Netflix vs Hulu vs amazon subscribers, binge-watching TV and movies have become a cultural thing now.

As the new consumption habits are continuing to emerge, the traditional means of employing these services are emerging as well.

As all of us know those sports events, live concerts and the NEWS is the actual backbone of television networks, and there are many video services such as Netflix that have not replicated these.

But, if you talk about other services like Hulu and YouTube TV, they have begun to offer live TV streaming services in combination with their video services as well.

These digital streaming video services provide you the convenience of viewing the favorite program of yours at your leisure on any device you want to watch.

Such features make these video streaming services a mainstay for all modern customers nowadays.

Digital streaming media services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer all the users with a large library of television programs as well as movies that have been premiered in theatres and have been aired to the public already.

These services also allow all the customers to view programs which they have missed previously.

You guys should know that all the contractual agreements that people go through with these major networks let these services distribute past and all the current sessions of popular television programs.

Similar to this, all the major networks have formed their very own platforms to reach their consumers through digital technology, which is easy for the network management staff as well as consumers.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video streaming services operate in the same industry along with extensive libraries that overlap over and over again.

However, the things that differentiate in these three most popular digital streaming media services namely Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video is their foundations, financials, and business models.

Of all the nearly countless on-demand amazing streaming services out there in the whole world, these three Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix stand out pretty good and different than all others.

The thing is that no one would want to sign up for all three together, rights? And there is no doubt that they share many of the common benefits and characteristics.

You would be thinking that what the actual difference between each of these services is. This is why you will have to look for the one which delivers the best value for your money.

To know which service will be the best according to your needs, I have written this article for all of you. After you read this article completely and find it helpful, do share it with your friends and family members as well.

So, let’s start with the comparison of each service characteristic and about every fact that is important for us to consider before buying the subscription of either one of these.

Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon (Which one wins?)


Pricing- Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon
Compare with pricing

Amazon Prime Video streaming service offers two main versions of its Prime subscription. One of them is for a $119 annual subscription, and the other is for a $13 monthly subscription.

You can get the annual subscription for only $59 when you sign up with a valid student email address.

Both of these subscription packages offer you some perks, it includes the two-day shipping or free one-day shipping in some particular cases.

You get discounted prices on selected items, cloud storage, and most significantly for our purposes, on-demand video streaming, and music streaming as well.

The best part of this Amazon Prime Video subscription is that you get 4K Ultra HD content along with HDR at the standard price with no extra cost.

What more is, that you can share your accounts with your friends and family members as well, so every one of your beloved ones can get in on the good profitable deals.

Following the increase in price in January 2019, the various subscription tiers of Netflix currently range from a price range of $9 to $16, the price varies on your desired video quality.

If you go for the SD resolution, it is just for $9 per month, but this package allows you to stream on one device at a time only.

If you want the HD quality, it will cost you $13 per month and this package allows two streams at a time. And if you want to move up to the 4K Ultra HD quality content, it will now cost you $16 per month, and this package allows four streams at a time.

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If you want to add the DVD / Blu-ray rental services as well, the price will go up more.

After Netflix did the price changing, Hulu made its pricing changes as well.

The subscriptions are currently starting at only $6 for the ad-based services (the price of this package is down from $8), and $12 for the ad-free option (this is highly recommended over the $6 ad-based subscription package).

Things don’t stop and end here from Hulu, as Hulu offers a streaming live-TV package that is called Hulu + Live TV for a subscription fee of $55 only. This Hulu + Live TV is similar to Sling TV and YouTube TV.

The subscription of this package includes more than 50 channels on top of the regular on-demand library of the service and some add-on features can have accessed with a consideration of an additional fee.

And if you want to get rid of all the ads, you will have to pay a $6 fee for that.

For all the people who want to stream 4K quality content at the lowest price, Amazon is the cheapest option to go for.

The absolute number of extra features and benefits with Amazon Prime provides you a great advantage as compared to all its competitors.

In an aspect of pricing, the winner is Amazon Prime Video.

Content Library

Content Library - Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon
Compare Content Library

When you talk about the absolute volume, there is no contest in my opinion because Amazon Prime Video includes the largest catalog of content by a very wide margin. But the matter of fact stands with quantity and quality because these two are very different things.

And I need to tell you that Netflix blows all the doors or competition here because it has the most popular movies and TV shows outside of HBO.

Netflix also boasts a large number of acclaimed international films.

This depends on you that what you want to watch, as it will largely dictate which digital streaming media service or possibly a combination of services you should probably go for to get the best streaming experience as you desire.

I will be giving preference to Netflix here in this aspect. Though, it just has a more diverse and much higher quality content library.

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Netflix might not be the very best option for keeping up with the latest tv shows from other networks, but this is also not the reason for what this service was designed for in the first place.

No matter how much hard you try and watch as much content as possible, you will never run out of shows to watch here.

I and all the people who review things could easily see Amazon Prime Video and Hulu catching up here, but this depends mostly on how much the service company is comfortable throwing at the original content for the users.

If you talk about Hulu, it has a leg up thanks to its ownership by Disney, because Disney could snap a finger and it will load it all up with original content from all of its properties.

Just like this, Amazon also has huge money backing it up, but on the other side Netflix has carved out a well-known slice among talent vying for its attention.

After taking all of these possibilities and taking everything into account, the winner in the aspect of the content library is NETFLIX.

Compatibility and Support level for Devices

Compatibility and Support level for Devices - Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon

All three of these services be it Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix, all are available for a long list of devices. The list is very long that I can review it here.

Netflix is designed to be used everywhere. There are many devices which even feature the logo of Netflix directly on their remote. And when it comes to Hulu, it also available just about everywhere, most often in the local user interface as well.

Now remains the Amazon Prime Video, well, this also is virtually found and available everywhere too. Though the competition here is quite close, I need to tell you that Netflix still beats out all of its competitors here as well.

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Netflix is even on many cable boxes, and some creators of TV and Blu-Ray players will always reserve a button on their remotes for this great digital streaming media service i.e. Netflix.

If you are not sure on this point, you will have to do some further research on this before committing to any one of these services. You will surely get the same results as I am giving out right here.

The winner in the aspect of compatibility level for devices is NETFLIX.

Interface and Ease of Usage

Interface and Ease of Usage - Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon

If we talk about Netflix regarding this aspect, it has great functionality, and it is relatively very easy to search the content what you want since it curates movies, as well as TV shows with the help of a personalized “Top Picks” categories on its home screen, as well as Netflix, offers you a pretty slick design with insightful and sensitive carousels.

All the people who have been using Netflix for a long time know that Netflix has changed its algorithm over the years, as it has dropped 5-star rating system for a thumbs-up system, and in the process, Netflix seems to find a way to push its content above all the content from others.

Not only this, but I love the fact that the interface of Netflix is universal apart from device or brand, including all the HDTVs, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray layers, and Rokus as well.

This doesn’t let the users of Netflix helpless to learn to use a completely new and different interface.

Hulu has been updating its interface, and it is a lot easier to use nowadays on most platforms than before, with categories like Keep Watching, TV, Movies, and Kids which make it very simple to navigate.

You can also add on premium channels like HBO, shows, and movies also from those channels will also show up your main interface – however it can have a bit difficult to access the apps themselves.

For a quick interface and an ability to slot in premium channels, I am going to assign Hulu for the first time as the winner here.

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Amazon has the last position, with a more scattered interface, but just like its rivals, it is frequently improving.

One point in its favor is that you can easily browse Prime Video directly on the Amazon webpage and its different apps, and it also works great with the Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices.

For example, on Fire TV devices and the Echo Show, Alexa can surface your preferred film or a show by responding to your voice.

Though these interfaces are different from one device to another, and to be frank, some of them aren’t as intuitive as others.

The winner in the aspect of interface and ease of use is HULU.

Video and Audio Quality

Video and Audio Quality - Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon

In addition to offering 1080p streams, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix all of them offer 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR streaming features.

Netflix charges an extra for the freedom and privilege, bumping the monthly subscription fee to a huge 16 dollar, whereas Amazon and Hulu offer 4K in their base cost.

For now, only Amazon supports HDR10+, which is the only real competitor to the Netflix-favored Dolby Vision.

As for the audio quality, Amazon offers a surround sound quality including Dolby Atmos. As for Netflix, it offers select titles in Dolby Atmos too, adding to 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound encoding on select content.

Hulu offers standard 2.0 stereo audio on most of the content and 5.1 surround sound on select others, however, you will need a compatible device.

A recent update to Netflix has resulted in an upgrade to all of the users with a compatible 5.1 setup – even if it is just your TV.

Netflix has claimed that this boost is equal to studio-quality sound but it is not quite that simple.

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It also does not change the fact that Netflix charges extra for access to the Atmos feature. But still, this boost puts some serious pressure on Amazon and Hulu.

As Amazon offers 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos support all of it at no extra charge, Bezos and co. easily takes the win here – but Netflix also was seen to be closing in.

And the winner in the aspect of video and audio quality is Amazon.

Original Content

Original Content - Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon

Netflix has made some serious moves and has spent crazy money to easily take the win here, to be honest.

One House of Cards started winning Emmys, Netflix then hit the throttle, and the network, streaming services, the movie studio has not looked back.

Which was once a fledging creator with a few small series, Netflix has since amassed thousands of hours of original content from multiple countries, which includes dozens of shows of all the flavors, as well as the original feature films (which also includes a 2019 Oscar nominee in Roma).

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Netflix has been the most successful at drawing interests from the blockbuster level directors, producers, and actors as well, as the likes of Will Smith, Sandra Bullock, and more showing up in the credit reels of its originals.

Netflix also had a solid line of exclusive Marvel shows as well as movies, but that action is expected to continue exclusively on Disney+.

As for Amazon and Hulu, they have been catching up to Netflix when it comes to quality.

One of the best rated current TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale, is a Hulu original and exclusive to the service.

As for the Amazon, notable original TV shows include highly reviewed series like the BBC/Amazon comedy co-production Good Omens, the Man in the High Castle, Jack Ryan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, all of them are worth watching and discovering.

There are some of the examples of each of the service’s ever-expanding libraries, it even includes resurrected canceled shows from other networks as well.

When it comes to streaming services and creating original content, though, Netflix is the clear winner here.

The winner in the aspect of producing Original Content is Netflix.

The release date for new content

Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon

If you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite network show right after the moment it airs, then you need Hulu.

New episodes mostly appear on the service the day after it airs (provided the show had carried by Hulu in the first place), and mostly all of the content is available in commercial-free on Hulu’s pricier plan.

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If you are not willing to move up to the premium level which is 12 dollars per month compared to the standard 6 dollar fee, the commercials and ads can get in the way of Hulu’s greatness.

The users who do not move up, they will have to watch a stream of ads, the number of which has only grown as the service has expanded.

To complex the issue, many of the ads are tied to a single series, which means that binge-watchers will see the same ad over and over again.

Hulu has a live TV which is available at 55 dollar per month, which offers live sports and news if you are willing to pay, whereas Amazon has Channels which offers you to add select channels with newer content.

And yes, if you don’t pay for Channels on Amazon, (which are costly to add on at 10 dollars or more), you can then purchase the latest episodes.

But you will still end up paying a massive premium which makes it all but high-priced (2 dollars to 3 dollars per episode for SD, 3 to 4 dollars for HD, or 40 or more dollar for a “season pass”).

The good thing here is that you keep those movies and shows even after your Amazon Prime membership has expired.

On the opposite side, Netflix’s ad-free service does not add the latest season of a show until after the new season has begun. That time frame can range from three months or an entire year based n the agreement between Netflix and the show creators.

The winner in the aspect of date for new content is HULU.

What’s better than Hulu or Netflix or Amazon?

Get your share in Amazon Prime Video.

The biggest blow is because it’s the cheapest option for movies and TV shows, as well as a lot of standard movies. But if you are looking for quality TV shows, Netflix and Hulu are better options for you. If you can advertise, Hulu is the cheapest option.

What’s the difference between Holo Netflix and Amazon Prime?

In addition to offering 1080p streams, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu (until July 2019), and Netflix all offer 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR streaming support.

Netflix charges extra for this privilege, with a total monthly subscription fee of $ 16, while Amazon and Hulu offer 4K at their base price.

Is Disney Plus worth it?

When you look at the vast library, the price tag is worth $ 6.99.

Yes, Disney will inevitably increase the price in many years, but even if it reaches a comparable to Netflix 99 11.99 / month, Disney + has the equipment.

Disney + Originals will be tested if they keep drawing people with interesting content.

Is Netflix Free with Amazon Prime?

No, they don’t I’m a prime member and I don’t get free Netflix. … Amazon Prime membership costs سال 99 per year (or about 25 8.25 per month), but it also includes unlimited, two-day free shipping on multiple items.

You also have access to the company’s growing selection of streaming TV shows and movies.

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