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7 Best Mobile Apps to Help You Study

Mobile applications bring a lot of benefits for students and help them study well. Check out the post and learn more about the top apps for undergraduates.

7 Best Mobile Apps to Help You Study

All teenagers have smartphones and can easily use them even while being blindfolded. On average, students spend seven hours a day staring at their devices.

It is almost one-third of a day. Most adults call it digital addiction and even try to limit the time learners spend with their smartphones. However, mobile devices don’t only steal time from adolescents.

Thanks to education apps, these smartphones can help learners obtain new skills and do homework with no hassle. Do you want to learn more about these applications? Scroll down below and read detailed reviews of the top seven mobile apps for study.


Best Mobile Apps to Help You Study

It is the best homework planner for students. This app is cross-platform and is available on any device. You can easily synchronize it on a tablet and smartphone, for instance. The app is free for all users. However, there are some premium features available for an additional fee.

The average app’s rating is 4.4, which indicates an outstanding quality and top value. Let’s make a dive and discover why this application is so popular among students. Planning is a very important aspect of studying. Successful students always have a well-planned schedule.

  • It allows them to manage time effectively and not overdue papers.
  • The application is simple to use thanks to the intuitive interface that is not overloaded with useless features.

Nevertheless, with the help of this planner, students can do the following:

  • track classes
  • get notifications
  • sync data
  • track assignments
  • add widgets.

The premium plan for $5 a month disables ads, allows attaching files, and adds some minor features Best Apps And Sites Like Rabb.it.

Grammarly Keyboard

Best Mobile Apps to Help You Study

One of the main requirements for A+ papers is the absence of any errors and misspellings. This application is a top-tier tool for creating well-polished articles that contain zero mistakes by using a smartphone. This keyboard is more than a spell-checker. It is a comprehensive writing assistant that has a lot of stunning features.

It is free and works well on both Android and iOS devices. Nevertheless, if you want your papers to be top-quality, there is a premium plan available. It unlocks some extra features that help better your text. It corrects any typos automatically and helps write grammar-perfect papers.

For instance, it can fix punctuation, offer the most suitable words, and find synonyms to improve your vocabulary. Also, the application helps write faster. It has the smart-prediction feature that can generate and offer you the most suitable text.

Also, the keyboard foresees the opportunity to swipe to type. This keyboard works in all apps to be utilized for creating mistake-free papers and correcting your messages instantly.

It supports different dialects like British, Canadian, American, and Australian. Users can customize the keyboard as well.

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Distance learning is the modern trend, and this mobile application is the niche leader. It offers the ability to learn new skills from video tutorials and tasks.

The app is extremely popular among students who want to obtain new skills over-curriculum. It works well on smartphones and foresees the opportunity to learn for an affordable price.

There are more than one thousand videos from skilled instructors available. Nevertheless, there are also tons of free courses on different topics.

With this app’s help, you can learn to code, draw, or even write outstanding copies at your own pace. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to improve paper writing skills in a few hours. To become a top-notch writer, you need to enroll in different courses on Udemy and practice a lot.

Yet, you can order A+ essays at SpeedyPaper, an assignment writing company. Don’t forget about a Speedy Paper promo code if you want to save your money. The application supports a lot of different languages.

Therefore, if you’re an international student, you can easily find a course in your native language. Also, the Udemy app allows users to watch videos offline. Users can easily save videos from enrolled courses on their smartphones and watch them anytime.

Link: here

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Do you like resolving complicated math problems and never miss the opportunity to learn more about exact science? If not, download this app on your smartphone. It is an all-embracing app that can make almost all calculations.

Wolfram Alpha will turn your smartphone into a super-computer that can resolve any equations in less than a second.

This app is also very popular among scientists and engineers as it helps improve their performance significantly. Having this application on your smartphone, you can become an expert in:

  • math
  • statistics
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • materials
  • engineering
  • astronomy
  • measures
  • weather
  • geography
  • linguistics
  • finance
  • etc.

The list isn’t complete and implies only the most popular topics. Using this app, students can enter a complicated equation and get a step-by-step workflow and answer simultaneously. If you’re a student who wants to become a professional in your niche after graduation, use this app for checking your calculations but not for cheating.

Link: here

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google

If you were looking for an app that will get you an answer to any question in one tap, your search ends here. It is a super powerful application that helps students all around the globe. In case you get stuck, you can merely grab your smartphone, open this application, and shoot a question.

Artificial Intelligence will analyze it and deliver an answer in a few seconds. The app’s functionality isn’t limited to solving math problems and getting detailed solutions. It can find answers to almost any question. You can also read: How to Use Google Translate to Italian?

The app has tons of visual guides on different subjects that help students learn new skills without fuss. When the application cannot answer a question, it brings the most relevant search results and video guides.

Link: here

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This application allows access to the world’s #1 free resource for online education, Khan Academy. The app is 100% free and aims to provide learning to everyone worldwide by using the Internet. These days, Khan Academy is an almost unlimited repository of knowledge.

Using this app, students can sharpen their knowledge by watching video tutorials, doing exercises, and reading articles on different subjects.

Also, it offers the ability to bookmark and save anything, which is very convenient for learners with an unstable Internet connection. Therefore, if you want to improve your writing skills and learn how to create top-grade essays without paper writing help, Khan Academy can become your free virtual tutor.

Link: here



In the time of the worldwide quarantine, most educational institutions are closed. However, students still want to learn new skills, even though there is no opportunity to talk to tutors face-to-face. However, this application helps erase distances and allows learners and instructors to have online meetings for free.

The Mobile Zoom application has a lot of great features that help make distance learning hassle-free. Users can send messages and perform video calls easily.

Learners can create and view online presentations from their mobile devices. Also, they can add notes to discuss any ideas simultaneously.

Link: here

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Benefits of Mobile Apps for Studying

Even though a lot of people are aware of smartphones’ addiction in modern teenagers, mobile devices bring a lot of benefits for education. Let’s review them in more detail below.

Reduced Paper Waste

Smartphones help eliminate the need to use paper books and notebooks for obtaining new knowledge. As a consequence, e-books, videos, and virtual guides in smartphones help save the environment.

Education on the Go

Mobile devices are portable and can go online anywhere.

It helps get an education at any location or even on the go. Thereupon, students can learn new skills while riding on a bus or during a workout.

The large assortment of apps for learning can provide top knowledge by using small devices with touch screens.

Progress Tracking

One of the primary advantages of using mobile devices for learning is the ability to track progress. Using mobile apps for studying, you can always review the past lectures, examine skills, and save the results.

Increased Productivity

Applications for studying can help find answers to any questions, solve math problems, correct mistakes, and plan time with no hassle.

These features are highly appreciated by learners who are short on time. They use mobile apps to perform tasks fast and improve their productivity.

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Bonus: Must-Have App for Students

Since students spend more than 7 hours a day using their smartphones, they don’t have a lot of time left to do assignments and learn new skills.

Nevertheless, there is a top-rated application that helps students avoid digital distractions and improve productivity.

Forest is a top-ranked application for those who want to stay focused while studying sessions. When you need to break a phone addiction and start working on a particular task, you need to launch an app and create a study session by planting a virtual tree.

During this time, you’re not allowed to use your device. Otherwise, the planted tree will die. However, if the session is completed, the tree grows up and appears in your virtual forest. As a bonus, you will also receive virtual coins, which can be used for planting real trees on our planet


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