How To Add Music To Instagram Video Post?

Check if Someone is Saving your Instagram Post

If you are making a story on Instagram, but you really want it to have a piece of good background music, then Instagram has added that feature for you! When you add music to a video or story, you can express yourself better. There are so many Instagram users nowadays, and this feature is very … Read more

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch?

Connecting Nintendo Switch to Laptop

Those who want to use the laptop as a monitor for Switch, love to play games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you don’t have an HDMI capture card, then you can play the PC version of the best Nintendo Switch games on the laptop. Nintendo Switch If you want … Read more

What The Best Time To Stream On Twitch?

Make Twitch Emotes

Streaming brings in money and fame, or at least one of these things to a streamer. Thus, streamers are always wondering as to how they can maximize one of the two things. Twitch is a great platform for streaming content, and users often wonder as to when they should stream, or the perfect time for … Read more

How To Watch Ads For Bits On Twitch?

Watch Ads For Bits On Twitch

Streamers spend a lot of time on Twitch, and off Twitch to come up with great content for their audience. If the audience or the viewers want to show their support for the streamers, then they can buy Bits on Twitch. These Bits are used for encouraging and showing support for the streamers. When the … Read more

How to Fix the macOS Could Not Be Installed?

Fix the macOS Could Not Be Installed

“macOS could not be installed on your computer” is the error that you see, when you are trying to update the macOS. When the update doesn’t take place, and you see this error, then this means that the installation has failed. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be installed at all. There are several … Read more

How To Clear Scratch Disk? [ Guidelines ]

clear scratch disk photoshop

Do you know what a scratch disk is? A scratch disk is a hard drive space, which Photoshop uses as virtual memory. Photoshop uses this memory when there isn’t enough RAM to fulfill a task. Photoshop gives many scratch disks so that the user has more space with them. Scratch Disk When you are editing … Read more

How To Fix Bluetooth Not Available Mac?

Bluetooth Not Available Mac

Bluetooth is a very important connectivity feature, which is why you see it in Windows, Mac, and other devices. Bluetooth allows two or more devices to connect, like a keyboard. Users can share information at a quick rate and make hardware that is not connected to their PC, work. Bluetooth If you want to connect … Read more

How To Use CleanMyMac? [ Guide ]

Use CleanMyMac

Every system that you use, needs a cleanup to optimize performance. CleanMyMac is one such tool, which can optimize Mac by cleaning it perfectly. It can even monitor the system’s performance, remove any malware, and is a real lifesaver. CleanMyMac Digital Space When you run CleanMyMac on your system, then it will clear all the … Read more