What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables?

What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables

The games that you can play on Windows, and the gaming experience derived from it, are different from any other platform. Why are Steamworks common redistributables download slow? When you are gaming on Windows, the game needs to optimize its settings to fit that particular PC. Many files have to be downloaded for one game … Read more

Top 12 Best Discord Themes 2024 [ List ]

best discord themes

Discord themes can be changed without any hassle, but it isn’t as simple as changing the theme of your mobile phone. Discord doesn’t support themes at the moment, which is how BetterDiscord comes into the picture. There are two themes in Discord, originally; dark and light. The light theme of Discord is not very appealing, … Read more

How To Install BetterDiscord Theme


The best part about using Discord is the number of plugins that you have access to. Discord plugins make things very interesting, but you have to become a little tech-savvy for that. However, if you have been using Discord for a while now, then you know about Discord plugins and bots. Make sure that when … Read more

How To Connect Two Airpods To One Device?

Connect Two Airpods To One Device

It is very normal to share your earphones with someone, to listen to the same audio. However, consider this pandemic. Would you really want to share your earphones with someone? It would be too risky. iOS 13 has a feature, which allows a user to connect a second pair of AirPods with one device so … Read more

How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram?

post multiple photos on instagram

Instagram is a place where you put up pictures and videos of yourself or the events that you have attended. When Instagram wasn’t updated, users were able to upload one picture at a time. For example, if it is a birthday party that you have covered and taken pictures of, then you won’t be able … Read more

How To Turn Off Closed Caption On Netflix?


We would be stuck to one language shows and movies if there were no subtitles. Those who feel that subtitles are a headache, should try watching more shows and movies, and see how it broadens their horizon. When people start reading subtitles and get used to them, they become more exposed to different cultures and … Read more

How To Remove A Device From iCloud?

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to remove an Apple device from iCloud. For example, you give an Apple product to someone as a gift, but that product is still tied to the Apple ID. To make sure that multiple devices are not connected to iCloud, because that can cause a mess, … Read more

How To Download Videos From Safari?

Make A Video A Live Photo

Some websites would allow the user to directly download from a webpage, but some websites don’t allow that to stop redistribution of data. Those who want to download videos on their iPhone, especially if it is 32GB, might want to use Safari to download them. In case you have iOS 13, then you can download … Read more

How To Uninstall Catalina On Mac Completely

Create A Text File on a Mac

If you don’t want to use a certain app anymore, then deleting it shouldn’t take so much time. We all delete apps, when we get bored of using them, or when they become too heavy for our phone. Mac In case you want to uninstall apps on Mac, then the following are the steps that … Read more

4 Ways To Fix SIM Not Provisioned Mm#2

SIM Not Provisioned

Do you know what SIM stands for? It stands for Subscriber Identity Module! This simple card contains information about the user, like their identity, phone number, location, text messages, call list, and much more. This small card on our mobile phones can connect us to other networks. It allows us to make calls, send text … Read more

How To Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone

Apple Watch With New iPhone

While you won’t be changing your Apple watch anytime soon, you might feel like getting the new iPhone. Thus, it is best to know how to pair the Apple Watch with the new iPhone. iPhone There are four things that you need: Apple ID and Password. Old and new iPhones that can be connected to … Read more