How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Twitch?

Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Twitch

If the client keeps on crashing whenever you start to connect to the server, then this means there isn’t sufficient memory present in the system. So, want to do allocate more ram to Minecraft Twitch? If the games don’t get sufficient memory, then they will keep on crashing. In modded gameplay, memory is very important … Read more

How to Appear Offline On Discord? [ Guide ]

Appear Offline On Discord

Tired of playing games and talking to others? Need some ‘Me’ time on Discord without alerting people that you are online? Wanna appear offline on the Discord server? That is very much possible! You can hide from others if you understand the basic Settings of Discord. Discords is a very popular platform for gamers, as … Read more

How to Change Discord Text Color?

Change Discord Text Color?

Discord is a platform where you will meet all kinds of people. Would you interest to change the Discord embed text color? As soon as you join a server, you will find many people chatting with each other on a topic of your interest. For those who have been using this platform for a long … Read more

How to Cancel Discord Nitro [ Mobile, PC, Mac]

Strikethrough on Discord

Even if you don’t buy Nitro, you will still have access to many features like group calls and making as many servers as you want to. Here you will know how to actually cancel Discord nitro. Nitro Classic In Nitro Classic, the user can enjoy the following benefits: They can upload their GIF avatar, and … Read more

How To Gameshare On Steam? [ Play Together ]

Gameshare On Steam

Steam has become a very popular gaming distribution service, which has a huge library of both old and new games. How to do Gameshare On Steam? Users can purchase these games, and then play them on their PC. The difference between Steam and popular services like Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass is that Steam … Read more

How to Change Steam Name? [ PC and Mac]

Change Steam Name

A Steam username is like the first impression a player sets in front of other players. If you are playing a multiplayer game, then you would surely want a way to express yourself. However, it is very common to want to change your Steam username, because the first one you set was probably at a … Read more