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10 Best Taxi Driver Game for Android And iOS 2021

The taxi game is also another simulation that likes to play driving games. Pick up a client and drop him off on time and feel like the best taxi driver game for Android and iOS in the world.

In this game, the player can take a driving role in the cab and the task of the player will be the same is to explore the card.

The taxi driver game has several levels to win and each level gives you more enjoyable gameplay of the latest.

The game also provides basic features such as different routes worldwide, real engine sound, smooth controls, various 3G upgrade modes massive gambling world, and a lot of other stuff.

10 Best Taxi Driver Game for Android and iOS 2021

There are so many taxi driver games, but this one is the best and most pleasurable.

Modern Taxi Driving 3D

Taxi Simulator game

Modern Taxi Driving is a fun game by Taxi Simulator by Tapinator Inc. The game takes place in the truly incredible fantasy world where the player can perform the cabin operator and the first goal of the game is to explore the most massive playing card to pick up customers all over the world and get off on the place at the same time.

The race may be around the globe and numerous missions to complete. It can be really exciting for the player to pursue a goal and get it done on time. That makes the game more attractive as well.

You may not select another customer or branch if you have not completed your previous mission. The game will allow you a new location after the end of your mission, which will supply the hunting mission to another person.

The modern 3D taxi driver has so many other characteristics. Some features are a very precise driving simulator, smooth and simple commands, immersive missions, day and night cycles, and much more.

With immersive missions and very addictive gameplay style, incredible game controls and settings, perfect graphics, and the best music in the background. Modern Taxi Driving 3D is a wonderful taxi simulator to play and enjoy.

Link: here

City Taxi Simulator 2015

Best Taxi Driver Game

City Taxi Simulator is a simulation of taxi driving created and started by Vasco games. This game is extra beneficial, it allows the player to drive around the massive 3D city, collect customers, raise money and run your own cab company by unlocking other cabs. It’s more fascinating to run a business on your own, but it can’t be done immediately.

The gamer needs to accomplish the task and the money he will get through such a task will help him to run his business.

It also allows the player to drive as quickly as he wants to make sure he’s going to drop his client in time but he must be cautious in not violating the law of traffic.

If he breaks traffic laws, he’s going to lose points. This game offers you a real-time visualization of the cabin driver in real-time and needs to know where the player is going.

City Taxi Simulator 2015 gives you different levels and with each level, the player has a bit of time and the game allows the player to accomplish its mission in a given time to progress.

It includes basic features such as an addictive game, an objective story, brilliant controls with pretty graphical visualizations. City Taxi Simulator 2015 is the best game ever.

Link: here

City Car driving simulator

Best Taxi Driver Game

This is the greatest real-time experience for fun. This game has been specially designed for everyone who wants to become a good driver in the real world.

This is actually not a game, but a driving teacher who teaches players all the main rules of traffic. He teaches you all this so that you can be a better and better driver.

City car driving simulator is held in the 3D taking world where the player can move his car freely on the main road in keeping with the rules of the game. You may enjoy and enjoy yourself, but you must follow the instructions.

This game will help you become a better driver if you are already an average driver in the real world or if this is your debut. This will enhance your driving skills. You just need to stick to tIt has various modes at offers and each mode offers different tasks to accomplish to deliver a better version of being a driver.

In this game, the user can explore as many different cities, right and left steering options will available, various vehicles with different functionalities and maps are the best basic functionalities in this game.

City Car Driving Simulator delivers completely fascinating gameplay with great mechanics. You have to try it if you want to become a great driver.

Link: here

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Taxi Sim 2016

Best Taxi Driver Game

Taxi sim is a simulator of driving, racing, and solo taxi developed and published by Ovidiu Pop. The game lets the player drive in a yellow car in beautiful New York City and also drop off his customers on time to get money.

This is the first best game that lets the player play with his friends in the free ride mode and be able to test his skills as the best pilot in the world.

This game gets more exciting when the player discovers about driving with friends. It may literally develop a profound interest in users. This game provides you with different places such as London, Moscow, and New York, etc. Each city within the game has different levels.

The game includes basic features such as engine sound, lots of accomplishments like winning money, different modes, detailed maps, realistic damage system, new engines, vehicles and daytime, night cycle, etc.

This is interesting gameplay, excellent visual and amazing mechanical. Taxi sim 2016 is the best game in terms of other genres.

Link: here

Taxi Simulator game

That is so addictive. This game has been released for players who love to become a real pilot of life with perfect gameplay.

It has many exciting features challenges for gamers based on direct levels and every level of the game provides a new place for you to explore.

At the start of the game, it allows the gamer to create his own car with his own design and enter the world where he will have to pick up customers and deliver it to its destination in a timely fashion.

Link: here

City car driving City

City car driving City

Car driving is driving, racing, and solo simulation that was released by forwarding Development Ltd.

In this game, we have a different driving experience to explore and become a better rider on different routes and environments for traffic rules.

This game consists of a 3D world where the player can choose numerous vehicles according to his preferences.

It also provides the player to learn the game by giving them practice levels that will enhance the driver on the best ride. After completing the practice levels, the player can place his vehicle on a magnificent road that is full of traffic to explore driving experiences without violating any law.

Link: here

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Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic is a one-man videogame designed by Saga. It makes it possible for players to discover driving in the new world. In this game, there are four figures available, Each has its own different aspect and the cab.

The player can choose from them and enter the world to earn money and learn to drive more efficiently. Traffic Package Street, Crazy Combo, Parking, and more.

In this game, time is money and you need to drive based on time. If you take less time to do your job, you’ll make money. The player must reach their own destination before their adversary. During the mission, the player should respect all traffic rules.

Crazy Taxi Classic also offers many important features such as the leader chart, many upgrades, multiple modes, and many accomplishments, etc.

It’s addictive gameplay, improved mechanics, and fluent controls. Crazy Taxi Classic is the best game to play and take advantage of.

Link: here

On the run

On the run

On the run is single-player, driving, racing, and Arcade have developed and released Mini clip.com. It’s a pleasure-filled with action for all players who want to enjoy the arcade on their mobile phones.

The game function provides different types of cars, the player can choose one and go into the 3D world where the player requires a checkpoint before the timeout.

When driving, the player should exercise caution. If he touches other vehicles such as trucks, he will die.

Link: here

Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving

Dr. driving is a game that the user can test his driving skills whilst playing the game. The app comes with simple graphics and the overall game is not even great.

The game has different car types to be supplied with different levels and features.

Link: here

Taxi Driver 3D: Hill station

Taxi Driver 3D: Hill station

Hill station is a free, one-man, driving and racing game by Tapinator Inc.

This is a unique game that offers the player to ride a unique taxi on the hill routes.

Link: here


That’s all. I have shared with you guys whoever willing to have a new taxi driving game so, have followed for you.

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