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10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

Last Updated on December 23, 2020 by William John

A dialer app is a simple app which people use to make their call log look fancy. There are many best Android dialer apps 2021, which have a good reputation, and good ratings from current users.

10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

Simple Dialer

simple dialer - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

This app is very lightweight, and it is a perfect one for handling calls. The app has a call log, which makes it easier to initiate calls. The user interface of the app is simple, and so is the structure. The user will find features that are present in typical dialer apps.

This app allows the user to block calls, and send messages in groups. The contact management is very easy, and the user can merge numbers, sync them, and delete the duplicate contacts.

There is an offline and online backup present for contacts. Users will find the presence of a T9 dialer very helpful. There is also a feature of smart clean up.

  • There is a dark theme in this app, by default

  • The app is user friendly

  • As there is no internet access needed for the app, it makes it more secure and stable

  • It doesn’t contain any ads or asks for unnecessary permissions.

  • The app doesn’t categorize numbers according to mobile, home or work

  • Sometimes users face problems answering calls because they don’t get an answer/deny button.



Contacts Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

This app allows the user to organize the people they contact the most, SMS and calls, all in one place.

This app might feel like any other app, but what makes it different from others is the contact management feature, merging, and finding duplicate contacts. The best part is that the user can customize the way their contacts appear in the call log.

Some of the best features of this app are that it protects stored contacts, as it encrypts them. There is a built in caller ID and a call blocking engine in this app as well.

This app can be integrated with WhatsApp, Duo, and other messengers as well. This app supports Android Wear and can be customized as well.

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  • The app comes with white/dark themes

  • It has a fast dialer

  • It can sort out contact smartly

  • If there are any duplicate contacts, it will merge them.

  • The users can’t search for numbers from the dialer.

  • There are no gestures like left or right in the app



all in one - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

Drupe is a really good Android dialer app, which is available in multiple languages. This app has an in-built recording feature, where the user can easily record his calls.

There is a caller ID, which can track the identity of the incoming numbers of callers. The user can customize contacts in his phone, by assigning GIF stickers for them. This app can be integrated with WhatsApp, Duo, and many other messengers.

  • The app shows frequently called numbers in the favorites view

  • This app can be integrated with many other famous apps like WhatsApp and Facebook

  • The user can get help by updating contact information, by searching for contacts on Facebook.

  • For some users, the call recording option doesn’t work

  • The support team of the app doesn’t respond to queries right away


ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

ZenUI Dialer Contacts Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

As the name suggests, this is a very easy to use app and can make calls right away. This app can block calls from any numbers, which can’t be identified.

The user will have to only type the first character of the contact they are looking for, and their number will appear on the screen. This app is unique; as it allows the user to password-protect their contacts.

  • If there is an unauthorized user, the app will take a picture of them right away

  • The phonebook can be personalized through themes

  • The user interface of the app is very appealing and easy to use.

  • Some users have problems making calls with this app

  • There is no separate window for favorite contact.



Truecaller Caller ID spam blocking call record Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

Truecaller is not just a dialer, but it can do wonders for your phone. If there is a person calling you, who you don’t know, the app with fetching the data of that person from Facebook.

Mostly, when people make their social networking accounts, they use their number, and this app fetches that number and the ID of that person. It is really, easy to use the app, and has the best interface.

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  • Users can easily block spam calls with it

  • It lists down the details of the caller.

  • It asks permission to access data, which most users are not comfortable with providing



Eyecon Caller ID Calls and Phone Contacts Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

This app syncs with Facebook and other social media platforms, to find out the identity of the caller if the number isn’t stored beforehand.

This app allows the user to personalize their contact information, as they can put up pictures along with their numbers. The app protects users from spam calls and anonymous calls.

  • It shows the caller identity right when it starts to ring

  • The user can add contacts without typing in anything.

  • The ads that appear on the app can be annoying for users


True Phone Dialer

True Phone Dialer Contacts Call Recorder Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

Users can edit all their contacts and create new ones within seconds. They can contact friends on social networking websites, and link similar contact together.

If the user wants to import links, then they can do that as well. They can easily organize their favorite contacts in one place.

  • Contact groups can be created and edited easily

  • There is a call recording feature.

  • The free version of this app lasts for 7 days only



Dialpad Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

Dialpad is a replacement for Android’s stock dialer, and it works on Android 5.0 and above. This app adds a shortcut to the phone so that the dial pad can open directly.

  • It is easy to use

  • It is compatible with multiple Android versions.

  • The app is difficult to download for some users

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Smart Dialer

Smart Dialer Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

This is very easy to use the dialer, which has an appealing interface. It provides users a very convenient way to manage both contact and the call log. It can separate the missed calls from the received calls.

  • Users can use the app very conveniently

  • The voice on this app is loud and clear.

  • Some users couldn’t run the app


Clever Dialer

Clever Dialer caller ID block calls Apps on Google Play - 10 Best Android Dialer Apps 2021

This app is a dialer, but is mostly used for blocking unknown callers, and protects the users from unwanted callers.

Spam calls get blocked, and the user information is always secure

  • Identifies spam callers

  • Adds calls to call history.

  • Some users don’t like the interface of the app



The best app among these is the Truecaller, which can grab the identity of the user from Facebook, and no one can remain anonymous.

It also has an easy to use interface, and it will take the user minutes to learn how to use it.


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